About Us Assalamu Aalaikum wa Rehmatullahi wa Barkatahu!

With the grace of ALLAH (swt) Anjuman Khairul-Islam Trust is serving the deen of Islam in various ways since its establishment. Anjuman Khairul Islam-Trust has wide range of projects, in order to improve and develop the society with its Motto, “LIFE AND KNOWLEDGE“.

Our Activites

Our History

  • 1995


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  • 2000


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  • 2005


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  • 2010


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  • 2015


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We work for these objectives

Our Work


To impart religious teaching of the Holy Quran provide facilities for daily prayers. To maintain and manage Masjid and Madrasa. To provide facilities for burial purpose and give financial help for ‘kaffan’ for the unclaimed dead bodies and poor.


To provide affordable treatment to the poor and needy, provide health education and benefits to the public; setting up and maintenance of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, maternity homes, medical camps etc. endowments and support to such medical institutions.


One of the main objectives is to promote education; Help and support establishment, maintenance of Schools, Colleges, Study Centers, Vocational Guidance Centers etc. To provide financial assistance with interest free loans, scholarship, boarding and lodging expenses, textbooks etc. to financially weak students.


We provide very clean, healthy, calm & peaceful environment to our boarding students with nutritious food along with proper uniform and highly qualified Teachers with friendly approach. We provide computer education to all our madrasa students as well.


The trust intends to setting up and supporting orphanages, homes for widows, gardens, recreational centers etc. Supporting institutions/individuals to alleviate human sufferings and fight against all social evils. To organize, sponsor and assist programs for conservation of natural resources.


Subscriptions and contributions to Public Charitable Trusts or other institutions. Upliftment of the people of rural areas and promotion of their welfare. To do all such acts and things that the trustees deem fit in the interest of the public.

People Behind the Hardwork


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Umer Z. Jamadar


Kamal Basha Mohd Ali

Vice President

Afaque Ahmed Khan

Gen. Secretary

Ahmed D. Firfiray

Jt. Secretary

Abbas Gafoor Mulla


Shamsuzzuha Insar Ali Khan


Rehmathulla Khan


Our work and services in numbers

Our purpose of existence is to enhance the lives of needy children, and to offer a positive direction and a healthier approach towards life.

Students studying in Madrasa

Medical Camps Conducted

Widows Helped

Contribute for the Greater Good

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Bismillah Irrahman Nirraheem, Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahamatullahi wa Barkatahu. (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you)

Aksar masajid ke ikhrajat hamare tawun se pore hote hai, jin me imaam ki tankhwan,light bill wagere samel hai.

Is lockdown ka Waze se sab ruk sa gaya hai, Allah Tallah ka ahsaan hai ke usne aap ko sahebamaal banaya, isliye kuch na kuch Masjid ka bhi aap ko khyal karna chahiye or hamesha ki tarah Masjid me bhi aap ka maal lagna chahiye ...ye maal kayamat ke din apka muhafiz hoga..aur Masjid hamare ilake me he kya pata aapke ilake ko Allah ne is masjid aur imam ki namazo ke sadke me musibato aur bimariyo se bacha rakha ho..toh dil bada kijiye aur Allah ki raah me kharch kijiye...

Whatever you spend (for Allah’s sake) you will be rewarded for it

Help us to support these causes, inshaAllah you will be rewarded both in Duniya and Akhirah. All bank accounts are with "KONKAN MERCANTILE BANK"

Receipt will be made and can be collected later as and when situation stabilizes.

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For Madarasa

  • Account No.: 750121001000501
  • Branch: Vashi

For Masjid

  • Account No.: 750121001000786
  • Branch: Vashi

For Baitul Maal

  • Account No.: 750121001002225
  • Branch: Vashi
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Anjuman Khairul Islam is not just a Madarasa, it's more than that. We offer integral learning of Deen and Duniya, and we also conduct Medical camps and free health check-ups. We thank each member who helps us!!.

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Plot No. 113, Sector-14, Opp. Sector No. 23, Kopar khairane, Navi Mumbai – 400709

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